Dr Eucharia Meehan           


Mr Peter Brown

Assistant Director 

Funding Programmes

Government of Ireland Postgraduate Scholarship Scheme


Dr Raasay Jones, Programme Manager

Ms Emily Carroll, Research Officer

Government of Ireland Postdoctoral Fellowship Scheme


Ms Leonora Harty, Programme Manager

Mr Neil Tynan, Research Officer


Marie Skłodowska-Curie Actions-COFUND Schemes – CAROLINE and ELEVATE


Dr Andrea Valova, Programme Manager

Dr Dorota Migocka-Sendlak, Research Officer

Enterprise & Employment Schemes


Dr Justin Sinnott, Programme Manager

Dr Deirdre Quinn, Research Officer 

New Horizons

Research Project Grants
Research for Policy & Society


Dr Maria O'Brien, Programme Manager


Mr Neil Tynan, Research Officer

Lindau Nobel Laureate Meetings

Ms Emily Carroll, Research Officer

New Foundations

Mr Liam Ryan, Finance Manager

EU Programmes & Horizon 2020

Mr Peter Brown, H2020 Societal Challenge Six National Delegate

Dr Maria O'Brien, European Research Council Joint NCP and H2020 Societal Challenge Six NCP

Ms Fiona Davis, Programme Manager, HERA and NORFACE (effective October 2016)

Dr Aileen Marron, Research Officer, HERA and NORFACE

Dr Justin Sinnott, Programme Manager, CHIST-ERA

Financial Management

Mr Liam Ryan, Finance Manager

Postdoctoral Interns 

Dr Gráinne McEvoy


General enquiries: info@research.ie
HERA: hera@research.ie