Peer Review

Peer Review College

The Irish Research Council operates a number of interlinked Research Schemes supporting postgraduate, postdoctoral, academic and project based research. All applications are internationally peer reviewed to the highest standard. In order to maintain and improve our review procedures we welcome suggestions of suitably qualified national and international experts to be submitted on our website

Nominations are requested for:

  • International discipline experts to participate in national scheme evaluations.
  • National discipline experts to contribute to the work of the Irish Research Council in consultations, reviews of existing awards progress committees, and potential nominations for international assessments (as and when required).

The database will serve as reference point for the sole use of the Irish Research Council executive in selecting experts, details of the database will be confidential and will not be released to third parties without prior permission.
We look forward to an enthusiastic response from our community in Ireland and thank you for your interest in improving our schemes.

Please email