Irish Research Council Publications

A number of Irish Research Council publications may be downloaded below. The newest of these publications is Creating Ireland, which showcases the value of research in the Humanities and Social Sciences to Ireland’s society, culture and economy. Featuring outstanding researchers whose work is enabled by the Irish Research Council, it presents case studies utilising visuals and text that is accessible to all. The research funded by the IRC in Humanities and Social Sciences is notable for its depth and diversity and the publication reflects this. The case studies are cast in terms of People, Projects and Perspectives, and they explore how the research enriches the cultures and societies of Ireland and of the world. It shows how research informs public debate and individual reflection and how it draws on the creativity of researchers and on their rich partnerships with collaborators in industry and government, and in social and cultural organisations. Many of these stakeholders provide commentary in the publication. The publication is authored by Mark Duncan and Paul Rouse, and the authors acknowledge the support of Dr Zsuzsanna Zarka in the preparation of the publication.