Dublin City University

Dawn Walsh: How coordination mechanisms and entrenched guarantees contribute to the success of complex power-sharing in post-conflict societies.


Karen Siu Ting: A hologenomic approach to determine the molecular adaptations associated with toxin sequestration from diet in Poison Arrow Frog


Patrick Bradley: Transformation Electromagnetics Beyond the Theory


Sinéad Aherne: Interrogating the role of miR-140 and miR-200a in the development of prostate cancer to bone metastasis.


Dublin Institute of Technology

Adam Narbudowicz: Circularly Polarized UWB Antenna Systems for Indoor Communications


Institute of Technology Waterford

Emma Sheehy: A landscape approach to determining the influence of habitat, genetic diversity and interspecific competition on a recovering predator population, and the consequences for native and alien prey species


Leana Reinl: Transitioning evolving learning communities to sustainability: A social learning framework for rural tourism development.


Ruairí de Fréin: EOLAS (Knowledge in Irish): Efficient monitoring Of LArge Scale data centers


Maynooth University

Francisco Arqueros: The Experience of Being Unemployed and Responses by Trade Unions and Associations of the Unemployed to Unemployment in Ireland and Spain


Ida Milne: Changing the landscape of childhood diseases in Ireland, 1910-1990: medicine, politics and people.


Malcolm Sen: Nature, Narrative and Postcolonial Sovereignties


St. Patricks College Drumcondra



The National University of Ireland, Galway

Anne Karhio: Virtual landscapes? New media technologies and the poetics of place in recent Irish poetry


Shane Browne: Development and optimisation of a hydrogel system to harness the paracrine secretions of encapsulated stem cells for the treatment of limb ischemia.


The University of Dublin, Trinity College

Edgar Galván López: Stochastic Bio-Inspired Evolutionary Algorithms for Optimisation in Dynamic Problems


Eoin Carley: Understanding the Solar Origins of Adverse Space Weather


Gearoid O Maille: Switchable and multi-readable systems for molecular recognition, sensing and upconversion


John Mulvihill: Development of a platform for understanding astrocyte mechanobiology: Steps towards the treatment of glaucoma in patients.


Luna Dolezal: The Future of the Body: Phenomenology, Medicine and the Neoliberal Subject


University College Cork

David O'Connor: The development and application of novel instrumentation to improve our understanding of atmospheric ices, clouds, and precipitation.


Grace Cott: An investigation into the degree to which Dissolved Organic Nitrogen (DON) regulates the response of wetland plants to future climatic conditions


Kenn Nakata Steffensen: The Political Philosophy of the Wartime Kyoto School and its Intellectual Potential: Tanabe Hajime, Miki Kiyoshi and Nishitani Keiji in Comparative Perspective


Maksudul Hasan: Chemically Robust Low Cost Photocatalysts towards Solar Z-Scheme Water Splitting


University College Dublin

Coleman Dennehy: Competing jurisdictions: Appellate justice in the Dublin and Westminster parliaments, 1603 – c.1730


Elaine Pereira Farrell: Religious Landscapes in the Eighth Century: Ireland and Northern Francia in Comparison.


Jan Klimas: Better addiction medicine education for doctors (BEAMED)


Mark Jones: The Global Revolution: Imperial Germany, Europe, and the World, 1890-1918.


Selena Daly: Managing the movement: The Group Dynamics of Italian Futurism, 1909-1944


Shane O'Reilly: Investigation of microbial adundance and diversity associated with microbialites: insights into microbial regulation of global biogeochemical cycles and implications for the origins of life on Earth and the search for extraterrestrial life 


Yixiao Dong: Skin substitute from in-situ formed stem cell encapsulated hydrogel for diabetic wound repair