Government of Ireland Postdoctoral Fellowship 2015

Dublin City University

Michael Courtney: The Cost of Sexism: Gender Biased Media Sentiment and Investor Reactions to Budgetary Politics (2 year fellowship).

Nima Eshaghi Gorji: Non-Destructive Real-Time Imaging of Warpage and Failure Modes in Integrated Circuit Packages (2 year fellowship).

Carlos Teixeira: Cognitive ergonomics and translation tools (2 year fellowship).

Dublin Institute for Advanced Studies

Eamon O'Gorman: Searching for Exoplanets at Radio Wavelengths with LOFAR (2 year fellowship).

Dublin Institute of Technology

Monika Zawadzka: Development of holographic sensors for amines detection based on porphyrin-functionalized polymer materials (2 year fellowship).

Institute of Technology Cork

Eamonn Culligan: Engineering pharmabiotics for the targeted control of Clostridium difficile growth and toxin neutralisation (2 year fellowship).

Institute of Technology Limerick

Maria Paz Otero Fuertes: Production, extraction and Detection systems for New marine phycotoxins in Europe (DETTOX) (2 year fellowship).

Mary Immaculate College

Noel Patrick O’Connell: Belonging: An autoethnography of a life in sign language (2 year fellowship).

Maynooth University

Rudy Colacicco: New Issues in General Oligopolistic Equilibrium:  Environmental Economics in Open Economy and Trade Agreement Formation (2 year fellowship).

Lidia Katia C. Manzo: Urban Regeneration and Welfare State Transformations: how contextual dynamics are reshaping housing opportunities, sense of community and sustainable lifestyles. A field and participatory research in Dublin (2 year fellowship).

Rachel O'Dwyer: Spectre of the Commons: A Political Economy of Peer-Production in Mobile Networks (1 year fellowship).

Francesca Placanica: En-Gendering Monodrama: Artistic Research and Experimental Production (2 year fellowship).

Clifford Robinson: Self-Consolation: Three Psychoanalytic Studies of Latin Philosophical Literature (1 year fellowship).

Aliabbas Saleh: The importance of phosphorylation in modulating Hsp70 function; potential for novel therapeutic strategies for cancer and amyloid diseases (2 year fellowship).

Katherine Stone: Sexual Violence in German Memory since 1945 (2 year fellowship).

Royal College of Surgeons Ireland

Tijna Alekseeva: Development of novel therapeutic devise for peripheral nerve repair (2 year fellowship).

Teresa Moloney: An investigation of the pathogenic potential of autoantibodies implicated in autoimmune epilepsy (2 year fellowship).


Aude Perdereau: Changes in perennial ryegrass allele frequencies under selection over time (2 year fellowship).

The National University of Ireland, Galway

Carina Brehony: Water associated Verocytotoxigenic Escherichia coli (VTEC) and its contribution to human infection in Ireland (2 year fellowship).

Kevin Buckley: The Application of Advanced Raman Spectroscopies to the Quantitative Analysis of Complex Biogenic Materials (2 year fellowship).

Michel Dugon: Phenotypic plasticity: investing the rapid evolution of spider venoms (2 year fellowship).

Álvaro Llorente-Berzal: Control of endogenous analgesia by midbrain peroxisome proliferator-activated receptors (2 year fellowship).

Ciarán McCabe: Begging, charity and religion in pre-Famine and Famine Ireland (1 year fellowship).

Marion Maurel: Directing IRE1’s RNase activities toward cell death in cancer (2 year fellowship).

Fidelma Mullane: 1.The refinement of a doctoral dissertation for publication as a book entitled ‘From mediaeval habitation to modern house: the cabin as a transitional architectural form.’ 250-page volume with 140 images (40 images from archives, with 100 illustrations from author’s collection of drawings and photographs (B&W and colour). 2. The publication of an article in an international peer-reviewed journal: ‘Invisible codes: cyclical construction and deconstruction of a house form’ (1 year fellowship).

Ashish Pathak: Development of a Novel Integrated Bioleaching-Bioprecipitation Process for Recovery of Valuable Metals from Petroleum Refinery Spent Catalyst (2 year fellowship).

Amandine Van Beneden: Fragile sites regulation by ATR-dependent phosphorylation of PAF1 complex (2 year fellowship).

Tara Vollmerhausen: Elucidation of the molecular response of Escherichia coli biofilms to blue light: towards light-based therapy for catheter associated infections (2 year fellowship).

Arkady Zgonnikov: DECIDE: DEcision space visualisations to Characterise Individual DEcision-makers (2 year fellowship).

The University of Dublin, Trinity College

Zheng Beibei: Epigenetic control of stem cell fate in developing flowers (2 year fellowship).

Melissa Conroy: Targeting T cell trafficking as a novel means to control obesity-associated chronic inflammation (2 year fellowship).

Umadevi Deivasigamani: Computational evaluation of hybrid perovskite materials for photovoltaic applications (2 year fellowship).

Alex Dowdall: 'Under Fire: Civilians at the Western Front, 1914-1918' (1 year fellowship).

Achilleas Floudas: The role of IL-9 atopic dermatitis (2 year fellowship).

Matthew Gara: Novel DNA sequence detection utilising SERS active intercalating species (2 year fellowship).

Chris Hawes: Hydrogen Bonding Coordination Polymers for High Sensitivity Molecular Detection (2 year fellowship).

Bincy Jose: SMARTBOTS: Intelligent Nanorobots: Towards Continuous, In Vivo Sensing (2 year fellowship).

Niamh Lynam-Lennon: Elucidation of the role of the complement system in treatment resistant oesophageal adenocarcinoma- Is complement a predictive marker of treatment response? (2 year fellowship).

David McCloskey: Thermal Properties of Metallic Nanowires: Determining the Ultimate Limit in Miniaturisation of Metallic Electrical Interconnects (2 year fellowship).

Grainne McEvoy: Justice and Order: The Religious Critique of United States Immigration Policy in the Twentieth Century (1 year fellowship).

Conor Morrissey: Protestant nationalists in Ireland, 1900-1923 (1 year fellowship).

Dania Movia: INEDITED - Improve NanomEDIcine Translation into clinical lung cancEr Drugs (2 year fellowship).

Bahman Nasseroleslami: Impairments of Neuro-muscular Communication in Motor-Neuron Disease: A Bio-Marker for Early and Personalised Diagnosis (2 year fellowship).

Nathan O'Donnell: 'Notorious Amateurism': Professionalism and Patronage in the Art Criticism of Wyndham Lewis (1 year fellowship).

Andreas Serafim: Attic Oratory and Performance (1 year fellowship).

Peter Stuart: The hidden faces of a biological invasion: parasite dynamics and immunogenetics of invaders and natives (2 year fellowship).

Yvona Trnka-Amrhein: Sesostris: An Iconic Pharaoh in Greece, Rome and Egypt (1 year fellowship).

Nicole Volmering: Religious Writing in Ireland, 800-1630: The Transmission and Reception of the 'Félire Óengusso' (2 year fellowship).

The University of Limerick

Victoria Gascon Perez: Immobilisation of biological and chemical catalyst in flow reactors (2 year fellowship).

Helen McGuirk: The impact of Innovative Human Capital on firms’ innovation activity across European economies: a comparative study of a holistic approach to measuring human capital (1 year fellowship).

Neil O'Leary: Evidence synthesis for improved decision making in healthcare (2 year fellowship).

Nanasaheb Thorat: Controlled delivery of anticancer aptamer in cancer cells through multifunctional nanoparticles (2 year fellowship).

University College Cork

Adam Hanna: Literature and Legislation in Ireland: Poetic Justice (2 year fellowship).

Mary Carmel Joyce: Challenges to Irish diaspora identity: Examining Irish American support for Republican paramilities in Boston after 9/11 and the Boston bombings (2 year fellowship).

Adam Kane: Modelling the impacts of fossil and renewable energy industries on internationally protected seabird populations around Ireland (2 year fellowship).

Lijuan Qian: Making Sense of TV Music Talent Shows in China: An Audience Ethnography (2 year fellowship).

Daniela Saviello: Surface-enhanced Raman spectroscopy (SERS) for art conservation (2 year fellowship).

Fulvia Staiano: Immigrant Women in the European Legal Space: Exploring the Transformative Potential of Fundamental Rights (1 year fellowship).

University College Dublin

Stuart Aveyard: The use of other conflicts in Northern Ireland’s ‘Troubles’:  memory, analogy and appropriation (2 year fellowship).

Jonathan Byrne: Additive Manufacturing and Design Optimisation (2 year fellowship).

Michael Deininger: Development of a novel framework to interpret spatio-temporal coherency in speleothem isotope climate proxies to provide new integrated Holocene palaeoclimate records for Europe and South America and to investigate inter-hemispheric teleconnections of the atmospheric circulation (2 year fellowship).

Killian Driscoll: Returning to the source: investigating flaked stone tool raw material procurement and production strategies in prehistoric Ireland (2 year fellowship).

Damien Farrell: Next generation diagnostics for Johne's disease in cattle (2 year fellowship).

Peter Ferry: The Transnational Flaneur and Masculinity in 19th Century American Literature (2 year fellowship).

Thomas Hodgson: Language and the world: Empty names, content, and meaningfulness (2 year fellowship).

Sabir Hussain: Emerging fluorinated pollutants: Biodegradation of aryl sulfanyl pentafluorides (1 year fellowship).

Hanni Kiiski: Identifying a heritability profile of cognitive and sensory deficits in adult attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD): Multi-domain approach (2 year fellowship).

Kate Killick: Comparative immunogenomics of the human and animal response to mycobacterial infection (2 year fellowship).

Shane Lordan: Saint Brigit's cult in Ireland and Europe: a comparative investigation into the adaptation, growth and success of medieval female sanctity (2 year fellowship).

Caroline McEvoy: Representative, Deliberative or Stealth Democrats: Exploring the Congruence Gap between Citizens' Conceptions of Democracy and the Democratic Experience in Europe (2 year fellowship).

Patrick McQueen: The Ethics and Politics of a Liveable Life: Making More Lives Liveable (2 year fellowship).

Matteo Millan: Revolution from the Right? Armed movements, social conflicts and the crisis of Liberal regimes in France, Spain and Italy from the 1900s to the early 1920s (2 year fellowship).

Dathalinn O'Dea: Women in Print: Irish and American Print Culture and the Modernist Atlantic, 1895-1936 (2 year fellowship).

Aideen O'Dochartaigh: Overcoming Barriers to Sustainable Enterprise: an Empirical Exploration of the Possibilities of Corporate Sustainability (1 year fellowship).

Balaji Rokade: Novel Axially Chiral P,N Ligands for Asymmetric Catalysis (2 year fellowship).

Fariha Shaikh: Emigration Literature: Settlerism and its Textual Reverberations in Nineteenth-Century British Literature and Art (1 year fellowship).

Sean Smith: Succeeding the Jesuits: politics, piety and the Congregation of the Mission in eighteenth-century Europe (2 year fellowship).

Mareike C. Stahlschmidt: Reconstructing activity patterns, behaviour, and occupational phases of early modern humans in the southern Caucasus, 37,000-10,000 years ago (2 year fellowship).

Magdalena Staniek: Explaining Party Failure:  Parties in Parliament, 1945 – 2012 (2 year fellowship). 

Timothy Watt: Popular collective action, community politics, and maintaining order in Ireland, 1692-1761 (2 year fellowship).