The Irish Research Council is committed to facilitating the integration of Irish researchers in the humanities and social sciences within the European Research Area.  

  • The Council forms part of a network of Research Councils across Europe which allows countries to relate to each other and collaborate on research agendas. The Council has secured an international reputation and an expertise on Europe which is not replicated nationally anywhere else.
  • The Irish Research Council is a core member of the two established European networks of Humanities and Social Science research councils: NORFACE (New Opportunities for Research Funding Agency Co-operation in Europe) and HERA (the Humanities in the European Research Area).
  • The Irish Research Council is presently the lead coordinator for the HERA network. Through network membership the Council facilitates researchers’ access to dedicated streams of EU funding which are ring fenced for these particular networks.  
  • Participation in these networks has also been used by the Council to lobby for development and inclusion of research priorities sought by the Irish research community in EU funding and the Council has established effective communication structures with Irish researches to facilitate this. 
  • Through its membership of the European Science Foundation, the Council is committed to integrating Irish research in European and international networks of expertise