Call for Expression of Interest for Researchers New to FP7 Support Package

Further to recent pilot Advisory/Mentoring schemes for Coordinators NEW to FP7, the National Support Network for FP7 is now looking for New Academic Coordinators who are targeting the 2013 FP7 Calls (opening in July 2012) for an intensive support package.

ELIGIBILITY: Academics in third level institutions and public research centres are welcome to apply subject to ‘not having submitted any FP7 proposal (as partner or coordinator) to date’ and with the support of the institution’s Research Office.

OBJECTIVE: The target for this initiative is to promote and increase the critical mass of researchers using FP7 for the first time (in a coordinating role) with intensive help provided over the initial period of engagement. At the end of the new support, Researchers NEW to FP7 will have a well-defined proposal idea for progression to full proposal submission. 

ON OFFER: The support package includes consideration of (1) FP7 Programme/topic identification and quality check, (2) FP7 proposal assistance and development (3) FP7 project preparation financial assessment, (4) FP7 IPR and legal regimes and (5) where applicable, industrial/academic partnership formation.

APPLICATION PROCEDURE: Interested parties are asked to complete the Expression of Interest Form and return it to before 5pm on 15 JUNE, 2012

Dr Imelda Lambkin

National Director for FP7

Enterprise Ireland

Tel: +353-1-727 2665