Maritime History Conference – ‘A safe place for ships’: Cork, Ireland, Europe and the Sea

Funded by the Irish Research Council’s New Foundations Scheme with help from the Port of Cork.

Ireland  is an island nation, with a rich maritime  heritage. This conference will explore its sea-going past and culture, along with that of its European neighbours. Topics will include the Vikings; piracy; the Spanish Armada; international trade; the Napoleonic War at sea; island nations; emigration; port cities; Lusitania; WWI submarine warfare.

Speakers include: Prof Eric Grove Liverpool Hope Univ.); Prof Donnchadh Ó Corráin (UCC); Prof Michelà D’Angelo (Univ. of Messina); Dr Simon Mercieca (Univ. of Malta); Prof Claire Connolly (UCC); Prof Jürgen Elvert (Univ. of Cologne); Dr Susan Flavin (Trinity College Dublin); Dr Connie Kelleher (Nat. Monuments Service/UCC).

This conference received coverage on RTE Radio 1: click here.

Organised by Dr Hiram Morgan ( and Dr John Borgonovo (, School of History, University College Cork.

Further information here.

  • University College Cork
  • Main Campus: Electrical Engineering BLDG, L-1, UCC
  • Friday, 28 November: 1:30 - 8PM
  • Saturday, 29 November: 10:00- 6:00 pm