Council Co-fund SFI IvP Programme 2015: ADVANCE NOTICE

The Irish Research Council, together with Science Foundation Ireland, is pleased to provide advance notice of the Investigators Programme (IvP) 2015. The programme supports the development of world-class research capability and human capital in areas of science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) that demonstrably support and underpin enterprise competitiveness and societal development in Ireland.

A major objective of the 2015 IvP call will be to stimulate and catalyse strong participation by Irish researchers in the European Commission’s Horizon 2020 research framework programme (H2020). Whilst all proposals to the call must align with SFI’s legal remit, they will also be required to demonstrate a clear relevance to, and alignment with, topics that are encompassed by the Industrial Leadership and Societal Challenges pillars of H2020. IvP 2015 applicants will be required to include plans that outline how a successful application to the IvP programme will provide the platform for a future application to H2020. It will be expected that relevant national and international collaborators including those from academia and industry will be identified. 

Applications must be led by researchers in the STEM sector within areas under SFI’s legal remit.  However, in recognition of the importance of the incorporation of the Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences (AHSS) across all elements of H2020, the Irish Research Council and SFI have established a partnership to specifically enable collaboration between these sectors in IvP 2015, where relevant. Applicants will therefore be encouraged to request funding for relevant AHSS activities, which will be funded by the Irish Research Council

H2020 outline statements will also be used to inform the network of National Contact Points and National Delegates of the plans being formulated across the research landscape, which will enable them to follow up with IvP 2015 applicants and awardees in order to provide advice and assistance for future applications.

All lead applicants that are successful through the first stage of the IvP 2015 review process will be granted an opportunity to obtain a “catalyst award” of up to €25k, which can support H2020 coordination and/or other preliminary activities (e.g., small workshops, travel to collaborators) that seek to create future strategies and consortia for applications to the relevant H2020 calls. IvP 2015 applicants will be asked to include statements that outline how this ‘catalyst’ funding would be successfully utilised as part of their proposal. Importantly, funding will be provided to applicants regardless of their success in the second stage of the IvP 2015 review process, such that all applicants successful at the first stage of the review process will benefit from the support provided (subject to an acceptable plan being submitted).

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