Irish research breaking new ground on issues of relevance to St Patrick’s Day

To mark St Patrick’s Day, the Irish Research Council has today released details of research projects currently underway that focus on issues of relevance to the national holiday.

Research topics range from the impact of ‘Darby O’Gill’ on Americans’ perceptions of Ireland to the way in which the figure of St Patrick evolved in writings from the 7th to the 12th Centuries.

Commenting today, Dr Eucharia Meehan, Director of the Irish Research Council, said: 'There is a wealth of research underway in Ireland on topics relating to our culture and heritage and, indeed, on issues of direct relevance to the life and legacy of St Patrick. To mark St Patrick’s Day this year, the Irish Research Council is celebrating researchers who are contributing in these areas. From investigating how traditional singing is adapting in the 21st century to analysing news production for the Irish diaspora, the range of research being undertaken will enrich our understanding of Irish culture and what it means to be Irish.'

Researchers being celebrated by the Irish Research Council this week include:

The work of these Irish researchers is being highlighted by the Irish Research Council as part of the #LoveIrishResearch initiative, which aims to increase public awareness of the important research being conducted in higher education institutions throughout the country.