Call 2016 Announcement

CHIST-ERA is looking for transformative and highly multidisciplinary research projects in Information and Communication Sciences & Technologies (ICST). They should explore new ideas with potential for significant scientific and technical impacts in the long term. Each year CHIST-ERA launches a call for research proposals in two new topics of emergent scientific importance:

•  2010: Quantum Communication and Autonomic Systems 

•  2011:  Knowledge Extraction and Low-Power Computing 
•  2012:  Intelligent User Interfaces and Adaptive Communication Networks 
•  2013:  Adaptive Machines and Distributed Computing 
•  2014:  Cyber-Physical Systems and Human Language Understanding
• 2015: User-Centric Security, Privacy and Trust in the Internet of Things (SPTIoT) and Terahertz Band for Next-Generation Mobile Communication Systems (TMCS)

In the Call 2016, two separate topics are addressed:

•     Lifelong learning for Intelligent Systems (LLIS)
•     Visual Analytics for Decision Making under Uncertainty (VADMU)

Researchers are encouraged to start discussing possible projects with prospective partners. Note that a Partner Search tool is available. The call will require that projects are submitted by international consortia with partners in at least three countries (additional partners from other countries may be part of a consortium if they can secure their own funding). The list of countries participating in the Call is provided in the Call Announcement.


Call deadline: 17th of January 2017 (17:00 CET)

The official Call Announcement is available

National Contact Point: 
Justin Sinnott