The Digital Research Infrastructure for the Arts and Humanities (DARIAH) is a pan-European infrastructure for Arts and Humanities scholars working with computational methods. It supports digital research as well as the teaching of digital research methods.

In November 2014 it was formally established as a European Research Infrastructure (ERIC).

The mission of the DARIAH ERIC is to enhance and support digitally-enabled research across the humanities and arts. DARIAH ERIC develops, maintains and operates an infrastructure in support of ICT-based research practices.

DARIAH ERIC works with research and education communities in order to:

  1. Explore and apply ICT-based methods and tools to enable new research questions to be asked and old questions to be posed in new ways.
  2. Improve research opportunities and outcomes through linking distributed digital source materials.
  3. Exchange knowledge, expertise, methodologies and practices across domains and disciplines.

A coordinator for DARIAH for Ireland has been appointed by the Irish Research Council. The Coordinator will take on a number of tasks including, but not limited to, representing the Irish Research Council as required at national and international DARIAH events, serving as a link between the national steering committee and the DARIAH-EU Coordination Office and providing the secretariat and administration for the National DARIAH Steering Committee.

A National Call for Proposals was published by the Irish Research Council in spring 2016, and Dr. Orla Murphy of University College Cork was appointed as National Co-ordinator.

As National Co-ordinator for the DARIAH ERIC Dr. Murphy will bring her knowledge of digital research infrastructures in Ireland to bear in an EU context while ensuring that DARAIAH ERIC auguments and helps to sustain traditional research practices. With Prof Sean Ryder (NUIG) as Co-Investigator, the co-ordination of DARIAH ERIC will be further developed to embed a knowledge of and a practice in digital research infrastructures in Ireland within a broader, reflexive EU context.

For more information: www.dariah.eu/