Ulysses 2016

Ulysses call 2016. This call is now CLOSED.

The programme "Ulysses" is designed to support new research collaborations between Irish and French researchers. It is named Ulysses after James Joyce’s famous novel to celebrate the Joycean links between Ireland and France. The programme facilitates the exchange of innovative ideas and approaches between Irish and French researchers and the development of mutual research projects involving young Irish researchers visiting France and reciprocal visits involving young French researchers to Ireland.

Support is provided for short visits to partner institutions and covers travel and subsistence costs. Applications involving researchers at an early stage of their academic career will be favourably received. The programme offers grants of up to 2 x €2,500 to Irish and French researchers to support visits linked to mutual research projects.

In Ireland, Ulysses is funded by the Irish Research Council and Teagasc, and administered by the Irish Research Council. It is funded by MAE (French Ministry of Foreign Affairs) and administered by the Embassy of France in Ireland and Campus France, the leading French agency for international mobility, on the French side.

The programme will fund applications across all fields of research, except clinical medicine. Proposals concerning agri-food research and the rural environment will be processed by the Irish Research Council and funded by Teagasc.

The 2016 schedule is planned as follows:

  • June 2016 – Launch of Ulysses
  • Friday 23 September – Closing date for applications
  • December 2016 – Outcome

Results of February 2015 Ulysses Survey:

In September 2014, the Embassy of France in Ireland conducted a survey among the French laureates of the programme, in order to assess the programme from a French perspective. Following the outcome of Ulysses 2014 it was agreed that the Irish Research Council would survey the Irish laureates using similar survey questions. The results of both surveys can be downloaded below.